Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interview with Mary Ann Esposito & Book Giveaway!

Exclusive Interview with Chef/Author and TV Host of PBS' Ciao Italia, Mary Ann Esposito.

CDC: What is the concept of your latest cookbook, Ciao Italia Five-Ingredient Favorites?
MAE:Less is more; all recipes from antipasto to dessert use only 5 ingredients excluding salt and pepper.
CDC: Where did you find inspiration for this book concept? Is there a specific audience you had in mind?
MAE:Italian food has always been about the integrity of the ingredients and simple preparation. This was my inspiration. I created the recipes based on easy and economical availability and for the times we find ourselves in.
CDC: Is there a favorite Autumn recipe that you recommend for this book?
MAE:Lentil, ditalini and sausage soup.
CDC: When can our subscribers see you in the Washington, D.C. metro area?
MAE: Closest I will get is IKEA in College Park on November 5 for a cooking presentation and book promotion.
CDC: What is growing in the Ciao Italia garden this season?
MAE: The Ciao Italia garden is full of Italian varieties from San Marzano tomatoes, to eggplant, Romanesco zucchini, Neapolitan basil, hot and sweet peppers, Sun Gold tomatoes, Swiss chard, arugula, pole beans, escarole and radicchio. There are many recipes from the new book that use these fresh ingredients such as my Sicilian specialty, Peperonata (mixed sweet pepper casserole.)
CDC: When can subscribers see you on our local WETA? Can we also view your cooking segments online?
MAE: Ciao Italia airs every night at 8:30 p.m. on WETA Create. Can't get enough of Mary Ann? Visit and become a standard or premium member. It only costs $5.99 per month to watch unlimited videos of Mary Ann making recipes whenever you want!
CDC: Are you planning a special cooking tour in Italy this year?
MAE: Tuscany in September 2010. Visit travel section for more information.
CDC: We are thrilled to plan a special event with you, Mary Ann, for our subscribers. What would you like to say to our subscribers today?
MAE: I look forward to creating a special event for subscribers in the near future. When I visit the Washington, D.C. metro area, I use as my guide to the Italian, people, culture. Buon Appetito Washington, D.C.!
CDC: Thank you for bringing Italy to the D.C. metro area everyday via WETA Create and for offering a signed book of Ciao Italia Five-Ingredient Favorites to one lucky subscriber. Enter to win at One lucky winner will be chosen on November 9 and announced on the blog.

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