Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Italian Films in Abbondanza!

We have seen many opportunities recently to watch Italian films in the DC area.  This Thursday, December 2nd, Georgetown University's Italian Department is holding a screening of "La Strada di Levi" at 2:45pm in the ICC Auditorium, 211A.  More information and directions are here.  Visiting Fulbright Chair Professor Barbara Curli will introduce the 2005 documentary which follows Primo Levi’s adventurous eight-month journey from Auschwitz to Turin in 1945, as first narrated in his 1963 book “La tregua” (“The truce”).

Georgetown's website describes the movie as follows: "Accompanied by Levi’s powerful words and imitating the 'picaresque' style of the book – 'un’Odissea del ritorno movimentata e variopinta' (Italo Calvino) - the movie is a thought-provoking journey through post-communist and post-9/11 Eastern Europe. It presents a vivid picture of the present redefinition of European “borders” and identity in a period of uncertainty and transition – a 'truce,' as Primo Levi would say, in a 'suspended time' and 'suspended space' of Europe’s history."

Check back here for more opportunities to see Italian films!  Buon divertimento.

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