Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Good Fellas of Baltimore Chat with CiaoDC!

Check out the new reality TV pilot coming out of Baltimore dubbed Good Fellas of Baltimore. Premieres Saturday, March 26 at 1 PM on Fox 45 Baltimore TV or online. This mob will make any (Italian) American proud - their mission is to help a different family and charity each week in Baltimore city to uplift "the city they love." Good Fellas brain child, A.J. Ali, will be chatting with CiaoDC on facebook about this awesome project along with Brian Jarosinski, and fellow 'Good Fella,' classical tenor/Ciao Italia Radio Host Elio Scaccio . Go behind the scenes with CiaoDC and find out how you can become a part of the mob! You won't want to miss this conversation. Join 'the mob' discussion on Friday, March 25 at 2 PM here.


  1. are we there yet? Ciao everyone. thanks for joining us.

  2. It's not Anonymous but this is Andre Robinson, director/producer of Good Fellas of Baltimore...anyone out there?