Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cineforum Italiano: Lezioni di cioccolato (Lessons in Chocolate)

Genre: Commedy

Released: 2007
Duration: 98 min.

In Italian with English subtitles

The Washington, DC Italian Language Meetup Group invites you to join an early Valentines Day celebration! On February 12 at 4:00pm at Letelier Theater in Georgetown they will be screening a light, refreshing movie where comedy and life mix in the right proportions: LESSONS IN CHOCOLATE. A movie that can be seen even by the most sensitive, emotional audience. Nobody dies, nobody cries.... just smiles!

Mattia (Luca Argentero), a 32 year old building contractor in Perugia has all the trappings of success; nice suits, a flashy car, a gorgeous girlfriend and is on a promising career path. But behind this facade he is cutting corners with site safety and hiring illegal workers.

He is about to close the biggest deal of his professional life, when one of his illegally hired workers, Kamal (Hassani Shapi), is badly injured when falling off a roof because of lack of scaffolding. Kamal, who came to Italy from his native Egypt to realize his dream of opening his own pastry shop, threatens to sue Mattia unless Mattia takes his place in an advanced chocolate making course at the Perugina factory! Mattia has no choice but to take Kamal’s place in the school and assume his identity.

But there Mattia meets the model student Cecilia (Violante Placido), who ends up falling for the same sort of man she unfortunately always falls for. Among laughs, misunderstandings and mouth-watering recipes, Mattia will discover a way to bring his and Kamal's disparate cultures together while finding love and new meaning to life at the same time.

Tickets are $10.00 at the door (cash only, no credit/debit card processing) or $8.00 if you're a member of The Washington, DC Italian Language Meetup Group and you've purchased in advance on the group's website:

Full event details are available on the website for the group:

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