Tuesday, May 21, 2019

CiaoDC Chats With The Visionary Behind The Italian Place!

CiaoDC Chats with the visionary and owner of The Italian Place, Adriana Penachio-Sifakis on the recipes behind the Italian storefront; her vision to bring the flavors of Boston's North End to DC and the celebrities that frequent her store.  Plus, learn about upcoming special events, future locations, gifts and the perfect bites for Father's Day!  Listen to interview here.  

The Italian Place, Bringing a Taste of Italy to Old Town, 6 Wythe Street, Alexandria, VA  22314. www.theitalianplaceofoldtown.com

"Growing up...my Grandma (Nonni) would spoil me and cook for me everyday and teach me how to make pizza and Italian subs...a lot of these recipes (at The Italian Place) come from my grandma"...The two most popular subs are the "Eva" Italian Sub and the "Nonni" Meatball Sub named after my grandma...If you grew up Italian or in the North East, you'll find yourself at home at The Italian Place."  
-Adriana, Owner, The Italian Place 

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