Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Belated Galileo III Review - CLOSED

****In case you have recently found this through an Internet search, please be aware that Galileo III is now closed****

I apologize for the delay on this, I know you've all been holding your breath.  Overall, I have to say that the food was fantastic.  But if Roberto Donna's concept for this restaurant is multiple gourmet tasting menus, he needs to get his service up to the same level.  CiaoDC and guests sat for way too long in between the five courses, often without water and refilling our own wine glasses.  I understand that having top-notch service for a five course meal is difficult, but the top-notch quality of Galileo's food demands it.  Without further ado, here is the run down of everything we tasted.

The first five courses comprise Galileo's Pasta Tasting Menu
Riso Venere - Black rice Venere (whole grain black rice from the Piedmont region), shrimp, mayonnaise, spring onion, cherry tomato, herbs.  This was a great starter, very flavorful but not overpowering.

Tortelloni - filled with fava beans in a pureed pea and butter sauce.  These were unquestionably made in house with a great deal of care.  They were cooked perfectly and served with just the right amount of sauce.

Gnocchi - tossed in a sauce of pork sausage, peas, asparagus, and fonduta sauce.  I was really excited to see gnocchi on the tasting menu because I love them but can rarely eat a full plate of them.  The small amount was a perfect assaggio.

Triangoli - triangular shaped black squid ink pasta filled with rockfish in a potato, basil, butter and pine nut sauce.  Being the huge fan of basil pesto that I am, this dish was a real treat.  The squid ink pasta is definitely a different flavor, but one that I thought went very well with its filling and sauce.

Pappardelle al Cinghiale - large homemade flat egg noodles with a wild boar ragu, a personal favorite of mine!  If you've never tried a wild boar sauce, you really should.  It has a great flavor without being too gamey.

These additional items were ordered a la carte from Galileo's other tasting menus.
Vitello Tonnato - roasted veal, sliced thinly and served cold with a sauce of tuna, capers and egg yolk.  I know, tuna sauce sounds less than appetizing, but it was really mild and went really well with the veal.

Capesante - sauteed scallops with a ricotta-filled squash blossom and cremini mushrooms.  I love scallops, and these were no exception.  I had never tasted the squash blossom before, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Risotto with Pork Belly - Acquarello Carnaroli rice tossed with herbs and spring onions and topped with slow cooked pork belly.  Since I make my own risotto with Arborio rice, I am often hesitant to try it at restaurants.  The Canaroli rice has a slightly different texture that lends itself more to heavily herbed concoctions as opposed to the creamy comfort food style that I usually make at home.

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