Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gli Italiani di New York Author Event

Tuesday, February 21st Event: The Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with Italians in DC will present the book Gli Italiani di New York, by Maurizio Molinari. The author is the United States correspondent of the major Italian newspaper La Stampa. This event will introduce the book club ParoLab of Italians in DC.This book offers an overview of various generations of Italians who arrived in the Big Apple (2.7 million now live there,) weaving together numerous stories that highlight different epochs and different backgrounds. “If you want to know Italy’s creativity you should go to New York. There, you will find the pride of flying the Italian colors during the Columbus Day parade on Fifth Avenue, the American patriotism of those who lost their lives at Ground Zero, the courage of the firefighters and the marines on the frontline in the war against terrorism, the multitude of dialects spoken at the Arthur Avenue marketplace, the social transformations described in Gay Talese’s works, commercial successes in the TV shows of Maria Bartiromo and Charles Gasparino, passion in the political battles of Mario Cuomo and Rudy Giuliani, creative imagination in the works of Gaetano Pesce, Renzo Piano e Matteo Pericoli, fashion provocation in Lady Gaga’s attire… The Midtown top managers, who arrived in the past twenty years, operates in the XXI century, while on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood the “panelle” are still prepared according to the Sicilian recipes transmitted from one generation to the next.”

The panelists:
Maurizio Molinari, author of the book.
Anna Lawton, professor of literature and film studies and author of several books.
Guido Olimpio, correspondent of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
Peter Pace, United States four-star general retired, one of the Italians in New York featured in the book.
Gherardo Guarducci, owner of the West Village version of the ritzy Sant Ambroeus restaurant, also featured in the book.

Event presented in collaboration with Italians in DC With the support of Cafe Milano
Reservations and photo id required - more here.

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