Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Patrizio

Siting influences ranging from Tony Bennett and Elvis Presley to Adriano Celentano and Gianni Nazzaro, this international singer/songwriter is not in the least easy to categorize. Gathering inspiration from salsa, swing, and ballads alike, Patrizio Buanne creates an expressive, charismatic sound, all his own. Born in Naples in 1978, Patrizio spent most of his childhood between his family’s hometowns of Naples and Vienna thanks to a thriving restaurant business, Patrizio discovered a great appreciation for cultures and languages early on.  By his late teens, he was already fluent in Italian, German, English, French, and Spanish. Although it made sense for the young man to study interpreting at university, which he did, he uncovered an even greater passion born of his natural singing ability and propensity to entertain people. Finding his start in small, local talent competitions with his own rock band, Patrizio’s talent was eventually sought for a Papal visit in Wroclaw, Poland when he was 17. In front of 85,000 attendees, he performed a song half  in Italian and half in Polish, winning the hearts of many with his soaring vocals, linguistic aptitude, and tangible appreciation for the gift of song. His instant popularity with the Polish public landed him his first local record deal. Losing his father the same year, Patrizio recounts that the music itself and the goal to make his family proud helped to keep him alive and strong amidst the devastating loss of his beloved father.

By 1999, although quite successful in entertainment, Patrizio sought more exposure as a recording artist. He invested his own time and money in creating concepts to pitch to record labels and international concert promoters. In 2004, he found synergy with manager Jim Morey and the duo were able to record with an orchestra an illustrious collection of romantic and folkloric Italian songs, many of which the talented singer grew up listening to with his father. Signed by a major label company, Patrizio released his international debut in London titled “The Italian”, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; after its first release in 2005 it reached the top ten on the pop charts in the UK in no time. The album spread like wild fire throughout Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. His second album, “Forever Begins Tonight” found success in the United States, and marked a new chapter where the artist performed and lived primarily in the US. With the help of manager and confidant Morey, Patrizio uncovered yet another global success with his self- titled album, “Patrizio”. He continues to promote his record and tour throughout the US. Want to learn more about this gifted Italian performer who is every bit as kind as he is talented? Stay tuned this week for an exclusive interview with Patrizio, courtesy of Ciao DC!

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