Monday, October 2, 2017

Forest-to-Table Is All the Buzz at this Falls Food Forest Feast

I entered an enchanting forest yesterday, well actually it was a"forest garden," located in my hometown Bowie, MD.  Curious about all the buzz, I entered without fear of the unknowm. After all, acclaimed Chef Micheal Costa of Penn Quarter's Zatinya had just graced this garden the evening prior at the annual Food Forest Feast.  This unique annual event is held by Forested, LLC and is held as a forest-to-table tasting event featuring dishes created by Chef Costa from the forest garden's ecosystem.  Acorn breads, fruits, flowers, spices, nuts, mushrooms and vegetables are some of the treasures found on the menu.

Chef Micheal Costa preparing
 "chicken" (mushroom) for the Forest Feast.

Upon arrival, I was offered a tasting of exquisite leafy appetizers. One more decadent than the other - a delicious acorn based cracker that could double as a light dessert.  After a few bites I ventured off on the forest garden tour given by
Soil Ecologist/Instructor, Ben Friton. Groups of lemon balm and citronella plants welcomed us deeper into the woods of natures symbiotic placement of plants and trees.  Ben explained the encouragement of pests when the same plant is planted side by side for an extended length.  Nature wants diversity in its garden and insects want their needs met.  Ben showed me soil so rich in nutrients it was obvious that this forest garden was a sort of utopia for living organisms.  Nothing forced, everything in harmony just as nature meant for it to be.

The tasting menu continued with mushrooms, greens and duck egg pate.  Dessert ended with acorn cookie crumbs, ice cream, acorn bread and an edible passion flower that made my mouth smile the whole way home.

I know one thing for sure, I will not be missing the next Food Forest Feast slated for Springtime in this magical forest garden.  And you won't want to miss it either.  Check out more about Forested, LLC for events, tours, classes, CSA and more!