Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CiaoDC's Count Down 'til Spring Theatre Giveaway

Escape to Tuscany for one night when you enter's Count Down 'til Spring Theatre Giveaway contest. Send us a comment below about something Italian you'll be doing this Spring and be eligible to win two (2) tickets to the Arena Stage Production of Light in the Piazza on Friday, March 12. Entries must be submitted by Sunday, March 7. Winner will be announced on Monday, March 8.

In bocca al lupo ("In the mouth of the wolf." An Italian expression for good luck!)

Read interview with Light in the Piazza's Signora Nacerelli played by Mary Gutzi. Read here.


  1. It's "In bocca al lupo", in the mouth of the wolf. And the response is "Crepi"...a suggestion that the wolf dies (or "croaks".

  2. 3 more days to win the CiaoDC Count Down 'til Spring Theatre Giveaway. Hurry! Add a comment here about what you'll be doing Italian this Spring and be eligible to win two (2) tickets to see the Arena Stage production of Light in the Piazza. Avanti!

  3. Ciao a tutti, per andare oltre i limiti normali del turismo in Italia, andro alle isole Eolie di Stromboli, Salina e Panarea questa primavera - voglio riscoprire scene del film di Roberto Rosellini, "Stromboli"....
    Monique Quesada

  4. Grazie Monique! You are the winner of CiaoDC's Count Down 'til Spring Theatre Giveaway! You will receive two (2) tickets to see Light in the Piazza at Arena Stage on Friday, March 12. To redeem your tickets, send your e-mail address at Ciao!